Open a jewelry shop

jewelry shop

If jewelry is your thing, if your dream is to be able to undertake this kind of activity, but open jewelry shop is a choice “expensive” because of the huge amounts of capital needed, perhaps you can consider the idea of open a jewelry shop

In fact, to open jewelry shop requires little capital, is a stimulating, creative, that will allow you to start a business in an industry where women and passion are the masters.

jewelry shop
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The jewelry is an art, many are women (the majority of operators in the sector) starting with the game or a hobby making beautiful items of fine jewelry. In some cases this hobby allows you to create an extra income, in fact, often those who make the jewelry and then sell their creations to family and friends, but occasionally some more ambitious is the plunge and opened a jewelry shop or a workshop creating and selling jewelry.

The business is simple and can be dealt with, both as a simple distributor, both as a producer (or both), obviously changes the profit generated by running from a 60% for the distributor and reaches the 200% or more for the manufacturer, depending on costs, sales strategies and also the market. Of course, as all this activity also needs a business planning done upstream, at the risk of closing the shop within a few months.

Below we listed the various steps to deal with the business in the right way:

  • Decide whether to start by distributor, by manufacturer or both
  • Determine a specific line of jewelry for sale
  • Develop a business plan.
  • Determine an initial budget of investment
  • Identify materials wholesalers in your area (but you can find some nice material on the internet)
  • A study based on the market to see if there is room to operate, who are the potential customersetc.
  • Prepare a marketing strategy (referring to the results of market research)
  • Perform all activities tax and bureaucratic to open the jewelry shop, in these stages is better to be followed by an accountant, it will also follow later in the management of the assets.
  • Select employees or sub distributors (if necessary for the work)
  • Start the activity with promotional campaigns / advertising aimed at giving visibility to your shop.

For the success of the business it is essential to know how they realize the bijoux, obviously if you are only distributors you just know the basic techniques and the materials used, while if you produce you will have to be real experts. 

For a basic preparation will be helpful to read texts and manuals for manufacturing jewelry, take courses and workshops organized by other stores or jewelry. Inexhaustible resource to gain knowledge on the subject is the internet and YouTube where you will also find free courses that teach you how to manufacture various jewelry designs.

Either way you will have to know perfectly:

  • The characteristics of the items and styles
  • The techniques used for the construction materials as used (amber, pearls, glass, silver, etc.)

We conclude that despite being an easy, practical and fun, it is still a business, and as such, must be managed by focusing on sales and management intelligent expenses, having as main objective the sale of jewelry and presenting items of good workmanship and quality.