Nine innovative in-store technologies

Online shops are very popular today, which has forced physical stores to embrace technology to provide customers with an experience that bears similarities to that of online shopping.

Nine innovative in-store technologies

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There are a wide range of in-store technologies that are being used by a variety of businesses to help sell products. Let’s look at nine of the most innovative.

In-store stylists

Popular casual wear retailer Uniqlo has just launched the first neuroscience fashion campaign, which includes a piece of wearable technology. The technology takes brainwave readings to assess the customer’s state of mind, enabling the retailer to tailor adverts to appeal to their mood.

Interactive kiosks

A few different stores have installed interactive kiosks in store to enable customers to see the latest trends and new items, thereby improving their shopping experience.

Nine innovative in-store technologies2

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The makeover GIF booth

The makeover booth was created by makeup giant Charlotte Tilbury. It enables customers to create GIFs with their fresh makeup look, which is a great way for the company to advertise its brand.

Clothing-to-go window in Bloomingdale’s

This innovative technology uses six interactive screens outside the department store, enabling people passing by to learn more about its products. If the passers-by see something they like, they can buy it instantly using the screen!

Virtual shopping rails

Some stores have created virtual rails that customers can search through, saving space and creating a more interactive experience for their customers.

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Virtual experience

According to CMO, Jaguar is providing its customers with a new virtual experience that gives them the ability to both configure car options and experience them before making a purchase.

Interactive dressing rooms

Interactive dressing rooms are used in stores such as Rebecca Minkoff. These designs make it easier for stores to make the most of their space.

Augmented reality

John Lewis is currently using a virtual showroom in store to help customers search through its wide range of products, making it easier for customers to find exactly what they want.

Digital fitting rooms

Digital fitting rooms enable customers to try on clothes and accessories in the usual way; however, if the products are not right, the customer can request different sizes from the screen, thereby improving their shopping experience.