Neglecting Bird Control: A Costly Lesson from the USA

Neglecting bird control can be costly for companies, not to mention dangerous for both birds and employees. A few recent reports from the USA have revealed the true cost of neglecting bird control, as companies have had to pay hefty fines and faced a loss in profits.

A News Centre Report from West Virginia reported on the story of a wind energy facility called AES Laurel Mountain LLC which was fined $30,000 due to inadvertently killing a huge number of migratory birds.

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A story from ABC13 reported on the tale of a driving range that faced a problem with birds getting caught in their netting. Another story from the same month found that a nuclear power plant in New York was forced to cease operations for three days in order to clear bird droppings. The loss of money during that time has forced the company to look into ways of preventing such a build-up of bird waste.

All of these things are fairly common but frequently limited to local news or simply not reported upon, and many business owners aren’t aware of the problems they can face by ignoring bird control. So what problems might you face, and what can you do to prevent it costing your business money?

Birds and Employee Health

Bird and bat droppings can become a major health hazard. In workplaces where large amounts of droppings need to be swept up, the fungal spores are ingested by employees, causing histoplasmosis, a lung infection. And it’s not just the health of staff that can be affected, as bird droppings are also acidic and can cause damage or corrosion to your premises and equipment.

Bird Protection

Seeking out bird control services doesn’t just help protect your staff and premises. Many birds are also protected, and harming them, whether purposefully or accidentally, can lead to large fines being imposed. This is why you need to invest in humane bird control services from experienced professionals. It is also important to discuss any potential bird issues that you have surrounding your building when you haveĀ  Brise Soleil installed from companies such as Aluminium Systems to ensure that you are taking an precautions that are needed.

Staying on top of bird control should be at the forefront of all health and safety practices. Prevention is far cheaper than waiting for the problem to get worse and finding yourself fined for either failing to protect your staff or even the birds themselves.