Marvellous Maidenhead in the county of Berkshire

The thriving market town of Maidenhead is located in the county of Berkshire and can be found on the southwest bank of the river Thames near London. Being only twenty-seven miles west of the city it offers both residents and commuters the beauty, peace and calm of the water and green spaces alongside the ease of getting in and out of London. There are several wonderful hotels here that can offer tourists and visitors marvellous places to stay, including the Thames Riviera Hotel that is just across the Maidenhead Bridge on the River Thames itself.

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This fabulous hotel offers its guests, luxury rooms, superb fine dining, stunning grounds and an incredible view. The well maintained, beautiful building and gorgeous gardens are tended by a dedicated team who make sure all the lucky guests are taken care of and there are no technical problems such as a cracked sewer pipe!  In that instance the repair men would contact a Drain Lining Maidenhead company such as

to resolve the issue before the guests even noticed anything was wrong. Just outside the railway station, in the town itself, you will find the clock tower that was built especially for Queen Victoria’s Diamond jubilee.

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The redevelopment of the old Thames Tributaries into a new retail and residential area is well under way and the site named The Chapel Arches will introduce a beautiful waterfront quarter to any lucky residents who move there. Featuring restaurants, cafes and boutique stores for the attractive new apartments to sit alongside.