Looking After Your Trailer Tent

If you enjoy camping but are not a big fan of sleeping on the ground, then a trailer tent could be the ideal solution for you! A trailer tent is towed behind your car like a normal trailer, and when you reach the place, you are camping, you can unfold it to make a tent, with the trailer part usually making up the sleeping area and a large awning that serves as the living space.

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To make sure that your trailer tent lasts you and gives you many holidays, it is important to take good care of it. Some of the maintenance is easy enough to do yourself – it might be a simple spare part that is needed which you can get from somewhere like this trailer parts store https://autoandtrailer and of course regular cleaning is essential to keep it looking its best.

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You should also get a professional to service the trailer tent annually too. They will be able to check it thoroughly and will likely notice things that you may not be able to. This way, if anything needs to be repaired, it is better to do it at this stage before it becomes more problematic or dangerous and therefore more expensive to fix!

You also need to ensure that you store the trailer tent correctly when it is not in use. Make sure that before you pack it up, the fabric of the tent is fully dry. Otherwise, it could go rotten or mouldy. Once it is dry, make sure that you store it under a protective cover, especially when it is being kept outdoors.