Keeping a clean and tidy office

Working in an office environment is common place to many people throughout the world. It can however be racked with difficulties if you work in a place where there is tonnes of paperwork that piles up each day and muddles around the office that never get sorted through. Having a once a year spring clean is a good idea but is even better to have some processes in place to help ensure that the problem does not build up and start to affect your staff morale and ultimately their productivity which can have an impact on your business profits. There are some simple steps that you can take to avoid this happening.

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  1. Employ the services of a Leicester Cleaning Company such as means that you can have key areas of your business cleaned on a daily or weekly basis. This should include communal areas such as kitchens, toilets and meeting rooms and you may want each employees desk to have a clean at least once a week. Not only does this help the overall first impression of your business but can also help the health of your staff by removing germs and viruses from the surfaces.
  2. Paperwork needs to be filed away as soon as possible not only to ensure that documents are safely locked away to comply with the new GDPR regulations but also to ensure that nothing gets lost. In some companies a clean desk policy is implemented which means that at the end of each working day employees must ensure that there is no paperwork left in sight and everything is filed away. This also helps employees to mentally leave their work behind in the office rather than thinking about it on the way home or in the evening. The act of tidying things away at the end of the working day helps to provide a break between work and home life.

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  1. Having a regular clean out of your computer files is important to ensure that you are not keeping documents that should have been destroyed – such as old client files and can also help speed up your work. People often spend large amounts of time trying to find files on the computer. Spending some time each month making sure that everything is filed away into relevant folder will help with this.

There are many more steps that you can take to help keep your office tidy and welcoming environment, but these first three steps will see you on the right path.