Keep Your Employees Motivated with these Top Tips

While every employee wants to be paid what they feel their job is worth, money isn’t the only way to motivate staff, as this article shows.

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1. Be a Supportive Manager

Not every employee will be exactly like you and won’t work in exactly the same way, making it difficult if your instinct is to want everything done your way. Trust your staff, and let them know you do by showing them that you support them to make their own decisions. Work with them to resolve issues if they arise.

2. Allow Employees to Speak Their Minds

Your voice shouldn’t be the only one heard at meetings. Your staff have opinions too and ideas they want to share. Give them space to express themselves. It could lead to new, creative and innovative ideas that allow you to develop new products or services.

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3. Be Positive

Your staff are more likely to feel positive about a project if they think you’re feeling positive about it too. Work to create an atmosphere that is open and honest and encourages teamwork. Positivity is especially important during times of change.

4. Work as a Team

Teams that work well together are more productive and produce more high-quality outcomes. Look for ways to get people to work with each other, discuss projects and come up with solutions.

  1. Environment and atmosphere

Make sure you look after your staff by providing a comfortable, well lit environment that is conducive to working.  To do this you might need to contact an Essex Boiler Service to come in and check the heating to make sure it’s working to its full potential.

6. Reward and Recognition

Recognition is important to staff. Make sure you acknowledge people who work hard, putting in extra hours to hit a deadline or going above and beyond to help a colleague. Say thank-you in meetings or through company newsletters if you can.

7. Keep Things Interesting

If your staff get stuck in a rut, their productivity is likely to drop. Look for ways to keep their jobs interesting or offer them training. E-learning is a great way for them to learn, and there are online learning courses for small businesses.

8. Simplify Things
One of the biggest demotivators for employees is needless tasks and paperwork. If you can, as their manager get rid of things that take up time and effort but don’t add value to the business. It will leave more time for the things that matter and improve morale along the way.