Is your website deterring customers?

The whole point of a website is to attract visitors and convert as many visits into sales as possible. Nobody sets out to create a website that actually deters potential customers, and yet there are far too many sites online that are doing exactly that.

Is your website deterring customers

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If your website is failing to generate the sales figures that you believe are within its reach then check that you are not committing any of the following common errors. Remember that once you have lost consumer confidence it is a long and uphill struggle to regain it.

Check your spelling

Thanks to ‘textspeak’ and the rise of social media it’s now commonplace to misspell words. Whilst this is perfectly acceptable in some areas of the internet, when it comes to ecommerce it’s a big No-No! According to a report by the BBC, spelling errors on a business website call its credibility into question. Spellcheckers can only go so far, so make sure someone with a good knowledge of English and grammar vets your copy before it goes online.

Do you accept credit card payments?

It may cost you a little extra to process credit card payments, but it’s definitely a price worth paying. Business 2 Community warns its readers that customers want to be able to use their credit cards for online purchases thanks to the financial protection they offer.

Is your ecommerce platform user-friendly?

Nothing upsets a prospective customer more than a frustrating checkout process. Well over 50% of potential internet purchases are abandoned before payment is made, so make sure that your checkout process is quick and easy to use. Manchester Web Designers are a company which specialises in Manchester Web design, and recommends an array of ideal solutions for small to medium-sized businesses that require an off-the-peg ecommerce solution. The platform has numerous add-ons making it perfect for the growing business.

Speed is everything

No matter how wonderful your site, if it’s slow to load then your visitors will click onto your competitors, never to return. There’s simply no excuse for having a slow website, so ask a friendly web designer in Manchester, or London, or Edinburgh to give it the once over and fine-tune it for you.

Even when your site appears to be working perfectly, it’s important to keep updating it, to ensure it is fresh and current.