Improve Security and Innovate Technology

Sadly, many business owners are very aware of how dangerous the world we live in is, particularly when it comes to security both online and offline. Whether you have experienced a break-in or a cyber attack, you will be glad to learn about the new technologies that are coming to the business world in order to fight off threats from outsiders. Here are three innovative technologies that could benefit you and your business.

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Octopus: A Surveillance App

If you work in a busy shop, or even if you work in a very remote barn location for that matter, security can be a big issue. Many small businesses have all of their assets, including products, money, equipment, employees and sometimes even their home and family based in one location, and therefore a security breach can be devastating.

This app can be linked to all other security devices already installed on a site like alarms, entrance monitors and closed-circuit cameras to offer you a better overview of security within your business whilst making security management easier, more flexible and ultimately more effective.

The application is accessed on a smartphone and makes use of comprehensive software that is well suited to modern business technology.  It might also be worth getting in a Dublin Locksmith company to get all the locks changed and put some new ones in different locations.  You can source a company from links like

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Drainware: Preventing Leaks from Inside the Business

It is a horrible thought that you might not be able to trust your workforce completely, but unfortunately there are many cases of corporate espionage and whistle-blowing happening across the the country. This software has been designed to alert businesses of threats to their company data by allowing them to track where and how such sensitive information is being shared by employees. It also monitors devices and applications so that you can feel confident that your data is secure.

Every business, no matter how small, should have at least basic security measures in place.
Bluebox: Protecting Apps from Infiltration

Bluebox is a piece of software that protects modern businesses by keeping the data exchanged via mobile devices guarded. This is particularly useful for owners of businesses with consumer websites or apps where personal information is held and for companies that adopt BYOD schemes or employ remote workers. By offering self-protection, business-related apps can be used freely by workers on their own devices without affecting other applications.