How training venues have improved their offering

Training and conference venues have vastly improved over recent years; having started out as uninspiring meeting rooms in similarly uninspiring office blocks, today they are virtually unrecognisable from their dreary past.

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What’s hot

Today’s training venues, be they residential or non-residential, offer the perfect space for conferences, AGMs, workshops and team building days. From ergonomically designed training rooms to impressive event tech, state-of-the-art venues can include everything from dedicated event apps, real-time social media integration, dry wipe magnetic whiteboards for schools, special keynote webcasts and touchscreen technology.

Training venue versus the hotel experience

There’s a very real difference between dedicated training venues and hotels with meeting rooms. Venues offer 100% devotion to the delegate whereas hotels must cater for a wide range of requirements. Food is just one element, with training centres providing nourishment fit for purpose such as salads and fruit, filter coffee and an endless supply of water and soft drinks.

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A professional service

Be wary if empty office space is publicised as being available for training. Suitable venue space is not the only criterion you should consider. A training centre should be just that: fulfilling the needs of trainer and delegate alike from providing space for break-out sessions to supplying plenty of whiteboards, such as those from Avoid the distractions often found in non-dedicated training venues, such as busy bars and crowded reception areas.

Specialist help

Fortunately, there are specialist agencies on hand to get the best deals at the best venues. It has become apparent, as covered by this report, that training venues are currently much more sought after than traditional hotels.

Location, location, location

Dedicated training venues take into account the needs of its delegates; location-wise, this means accessibility, ensuring that venues are well placed within cities and close to transport links.

Extra benefits

The benefits of face-to-face meetings are hugely important in today’s business environment, ensuring high levels of engagement, camaraderie and collaboration. While there may seem to be a lot to consider, choosing the right venue will help your meeting run smoothly and will ensure attendees get the most out of the sessions. Most importantly, it will guarantee that valuable group time is spent productively, making it faster to solve problems and reach key objectives. Make the right venue decision and the benefits will naturally follow

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