How to Modernise your Bedroom

If every time you walk into your bedroom, it feels tired and outdated then now is the time to breathe fresh life into one of the most important rooms of the house. If you want to improve your sleep, feel more energized and create a more serene environment then here are some easy ways to achieve this:


The minimalist approach is very on trend at the moment and involves a lifestyle dedicated to storing less possessions and creating more living space. It’s a tough concept to adopt as it involves being ruthless with your belongings. Having a thorough clear out is a good place to start. Donate all those old clothes to charity and throw out anything you haven’t used in years.

It’s not easy to part with items you’re emotionally attached to but if you start slowly, it won’t seem so bad. Look long and hard at every item and if you no longer want it in your bedroom, think about another use for it or if someone you know might benefit from it. Begin in the wardrobe. If you’ve not worn it for more than one year, donate it to charity. Before you know it, your room will feel lighter, airier and you’ll have loads more space.

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Bed frame

If your bed is still sporting the fluffy, ruched skirt then you should remove this and have the frame visible, in line with modern minimalist looks. This is also a great way of avoiding the temptation to store excess stuff underneath your bed. Natural fibre sheets, a contemporary headboard design and some textured matching cushions will go a long way to bringing your bedroom into the 21st century.


Any design magazine will feature shots of light, airy curtains being gently blown in the breeze of an open, sunny window. Blackout blinds for night-time are ideal but during the day, you’ll want to let the light pour in. Keep window dressings lightweight, neutral in colour and minimalist wherever possible. Different varieties of shades and blinds are a popular choice, as you can adjust the levels of light you want coming in.

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Mirrors are a great addition, as they add the feel of extra space in a smaller room. They are also good for adding light and sparkle to a room. A freestanding mirror should be placed in the corner, to reflect the maximum amount of light back into the room. Another great way of incorporating lots of light from mirrors is to include them in contemporary fitted wardrobes. For a stylish, modern look think about fitted wardrobes dorset from

Replacement Handles

A cheap and effective way to modernise an old piece of furniture is to replace the old handles and knobs on chest of drawers or bedside tables with stylish, contemporary ones. This is an easy, quick fix to transform outdated furniture and if you have the time, why not give the item a new coat of paint too?

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