How to Feel Safe After a Burglary

Returning from a trip or a night out to discover that you have been the victim of a burglary is a deeply traumatic, highly stressful event for any householder. Even if nothing valuable has been stolen or you’re fully insured against any losses, the simple fact of knowing that a stranger has been inside your home without your permission can be hugely upsetting. If windows have been broken, firms offering emergency glazing in Leicester and nationwide can bring peace of mind with only a phone call, but making a full recovery from the ordeal can take much longer.


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Although some homeowners are lucky enough to have their items returned, the vast majority of victims are never reunited with their possessions. The low clear-up rate means some police forces no longer pour all their resources into burglary investigations. It recently emerged that police in Leicester are running a pilot operation in which only burglaries at odd numbered houses are fully investigated. The policy is an attempt to save money as little useful evidence was being found at most crime scenes.

Practical Help

If you need help recovering from the psychological trauma of a burglary, organisations such as Victim Support have a wide range of resources available. Although nothing can replace your treasured possessions, having a sympathetic ear on hand can be extremely comforting, especially if friends or family are not immediately available. Victim support volunteers can also provide advice on security systems, repairs and help you fill out forms or deal with your insurance company.

Quickly replacing any windows broken during a burglary is essential. Leicester emergency glazing by Norman and Underwood and other firms across the country make it far easier to sleep soundly in the aftermath of a break-in.

Speedy Recovery

Depending on the individual circumstances, it can take months and even years to recover from a break-in. Making changes to your property in order to feel more secure can help speed up the process of getting your life back to normal. Upgrading your home security may not be an option but simply ensuring that all the doors and windows are locked when you go out and getting a timer for an interior light or radio can all contribute to making you feel far more secure in the future.


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