How to design your garden office interior

For those who work from home, or aspire to, the garden office is the dream. A separate working space, in close proximity to your home, clearly defines the difference between home and office life, while removing the commute and giving you more work-life balance.

How to design your garden office interior

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Whilst we may want to veer away from recreating our company office in the back garden, we also have no desire to work in a shed. Getting the interior design concept spot on is an important factor in overall satisfaction and of course, in our productivity.

Looking inward

Whether your garden office building is a renovated existing structure or a one of a kind new structure, you will have considered its appearance in your garden during the planning phase. Its outward look should be important to you, but its interior functionality should be of greater importance.

However, the interior design rules for a garden office room are miles away from company space. Functionality and productivity are still key, but now space efficiency takes on a greater role. Having dedicated integration for support technology, such as printers and scanners is key in a small space. Creating the flexibility to accommodate visitors in a small space requires conscious planning.

See before you buy

Once you’ve selected your garden office building from a supplier such as, it’s time to consult the professionals, or do you own online research. If you opt to hire a professional interior designer, they will help you decide on your needs and your professional style, as well as practical aspects such as locating power sockets and lighting. Their deliverable may be the complete fitting out of your office or a plan for you to handover to a contractor. Either way, make sure to take the rendered drawing option, to truly get an idea of how your office will look and feel.

Office elements to keep or lose

Every office design is the product of its environment. If your garden allows for a good deal of privacy, embracing a wall of windows will bring light and feelings of modernity to your space. However, if your garden is overlooked, making sure your office is private may be more important. Unlike your company office, desks don’t need to hug the walls. Keep everything central and enjoy the feeling of an open-plan office.