How to delete social media accounts from your website

As an online marketer, social media will be a way of life for you. The combination of great content, a clever SEO strategy and a killer website is what drives your sales.

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What if you need to delete your social media accounts? Is it even possible to scrap Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest accounts for your website?

If you need to close down your social media accounts, here’s a quick guide that will help.

Closing down your Facebook account

According to social media research, social media is now the number one source of website traffic. Facebook is the dominant social media channel, with over 1.19 billion users every month.

To close an account, you can do so by clicking on your account settings, which will be under the Privacy tab. You will be asked to state why you are closing the account and select if you want to opt out of emails. You then have to decide if you want to delete any pages that you have linked to your account.

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In practice, all this does is mothball your account so you can activate it again at a later date if you want to. It is possible to fully delete the account using the Delete My Account function.

Deleting your Twitter account

You can get plenty of help with managing your Twitter account from Digital Marketing Manchester experts such as, but if you really want to delete your account, it is quite straightforward to do.

You simply have to click on “deactivate account”, but this has to be done from a PC or a laptop. You can’t do it from your phone. Then there is a 30-day grace period in case you change your mind before the account is permanently deleted. When you delete your Twitter account, your Vine account (if you use the video sharing platform) is automatically deleted, too.

Shutting down your Pinterest account

You can de-activate your Pinterest account, but you can’t actually delete it. When it is deactivated, which you can do under “settings”, all of your boards and everything that you have pinned will no longer be available.

The username and email on the account remain in place, and this could prevent you from setting up another account with that email. The best advice is to change it first!