How can UPS protect the future?

As we move closer to a completely paper-free existence, we’re relying more exclusively on computerised information storage. However, the changes in technology also bring with them changes in risk. Security breaches now happen in cyberspace, and our 100 per cent digital technology means complete reliance on a constant electricity supply.

How can UPS protect the future

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The consequences of power failures

The risks that come with a break in power can be catastrophic, as recently illustrated when the accidental shutdown of a power supply caused a major airline’s IT system to fail, cancelling more than 700 flights affecting around 75,000 passengers. A power failure of this magnitude can lead to business interruption, material wastage, security issues, and reputational damage and costs if the customers are directly affected.

Power failure can even lead to life-or-death situations. For example, it can affect life-saving medical equipment in hospital environments, such as ventilators and dialysis machines. The recent hurricanes that have hit places like Puerto Rico have left widespread power failures in their wake, adding to the devastation.

Constant supply

One effective solution is the Uninterruptable Power Supply (UPS), which is used to provide a constant supply during times when the quality of the supply from the network may be unreliable. UPS isn’t just for large organisations such as airlines. For example, services like Eaton UPS can provide backup uninterruptible power supply for something as small as a single domestic workstation or larger setups like network, server and storage and data centres and large industrial environments, including offshore environments.

How can UPS protect the future2

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Combined heat and power generators or generators powered by diesel were once a popular way of providing UPS, but these technologies are being succeeded by battery-based solutions that store energy during off-peak times for usage if needed when the network is struggling to keep up with demand. Online retailers like offer a range of UPS solutions from a variety of providers that are suited to cater for every situation.

The versatility of battery-based power storage includes technology that monitors the electricity supply, cutting in within milliseconds of a change in power to give that crucial continuity needed to avoid a potential catastrophe caused by cuts and surges. Whether you have a domestic network, a small office or a major institution to protect, there’s a perfect UPS solution that is up to the task.