How Any Industry Can Use Content Marketing

Press releases, media interviews, guest blog contributions and podcast appearances are any brand owner’s dream. Some businesses naturally lend themselves to the idea of content marketing because they are media friendly. People love reading child success stories, celebrity news and entertainment articles.

How Any Industry Can Use Content Marketing

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Marketing for Smaller Niches

If you operate in an industry that is less media friendly, and less “exciting” to the average consumer, then you need to find ways to build your traffic without having lots of email or RSS subscribers. You won’t have the luxury of clickbait headlines or human interest stories – at least not ones that are easy to dream up, and almost write themselves.

The Components of a Strong content Marketing Plan

When you are building a content marketing plan, you need to identify the audience you are trying to reach, the goals of the content, and how you will measure those goals. For most industries, those parts are relatively easy, but figuring out who will write the content, and what that content will be, may be harder. How can you make something incredibly niche exciting?

Don’t Take Yourself Seriously

One of the best ways to turn a dry niche into an exciting story is to show your sense of humour. Find a way to relate your niche to popular culture. Memes and funny videos are a good starting point. Take a popular song and parody it. Find a funny angle to relate obscure facts. General Electric did a great job of this when they used Emojis to replicate the Periodic Table, for example.

Make it a Game

One increasingly common trend is to turn voucher hunting into a game. The toy store The Entertainer did a great job of this and created a multi-channel marketing campaign where users were challenged to explore their website and stores to complete tasks to earn posters and vouchers. Some tech companies have done similar things, challenging website visitors to “crack a code” to unlock information about job advertisements. This is something that could work well in many niches – a website selling tools for electricians could invite visitors to “complete the circuit” to unlock a voucher code.

Offer a Good User Experience

In B2B niches, you have just one chance to make a good impression, so it is important that your website loads quickly and works well. Hiring a local web design or brand innovation agency who offers is a good idea. Companies such as who offer brand innovation in the UK have a lot of experience in working with UK brand owners, and can help to ensure that your local users get the best experience possible.

It takes time for the results of content marketing to pay off, and you may need to try a few different strategies to find something that reflects well on your brand while still conveying your message clearly, but it is possible. Don’t make the mistake of assuming your niche is “too boring”. After all, if you don’t love your niche, why would your customers?