Here’s why mobile phones won’t negate the need for websites

Statistics show that more and more users are accessing information through mobile phone applications or apps. Some people would even say that there is less of a need for websites because of the increase in availability of information elsewhere. If you think of a few common websites, there is an app that shares the same information, such as those for Amazon, Tesco and the BBC.

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However, there are several reasons why we still need websites.

Websites Can Be Seen Across a Wider Range of Devices

These include PCs, laptops, phones and tablets. This means that if someone is at home or in their office, they can fire up a website and view the information on different pages. They can be created with more information relevant to the user using Lincolnshire web design.

Websites Showcase Apps, Companies, Services and a Range of Other Things

Although you can visit Apple’s iStore or Android’s store on your phone or tablet to read the reviews and compare different apps, it’s not the same as going to a website and double-checking the reviews about the apps. As applications are being developed all the time and people are getting busier, users need to be able to research which app is going to be the most worthwhile for them.

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Good Websites Contain More Information

An app can only include so much information, and the user can see more information overall using a website. Websites allow more potential to navigate across the site, even if it might take longer – though not always. If we take the Lincolnshire web design company Perspective Design, for example, it would be harder to show its services through an app than it is through the website itself.

Not Everyone Will Want to Use an App

Yes, that’s right! Even though apps may seem like the greatest thing, not everyone will want to use them. There are apps for yoga, but there are also wonderful websites that showcase many different yoga videos, and these are not going to go away because they already have a massive following. If you look at the various websites for the government and local councils, it would be difficult to replace them with an app as well.

In summary, there are many reasons why a website might suit your business either alongside or instead of an app.