Government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme falls short of its target

The government’s Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS), which is aimed at making heating more environmentally friendly in homes, has failed to heat up, having fallen short of its target due to a weak start. There is good news though, as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme will continue until 2028. However, the leftover £70 million from the previous year will be given back to the Treasury.

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What does the scheme do?

The scheme offers a grant of £5,000 to enable households to upgrade to heat pumps. Recent government figures show that the scheme issued only half of its goal of 30,000 grants in England and Wales. The figures show that only 16,052 vouchers were given out and only 12,264 vouchers were received from May last year to May 2023.

What has the scheme not performed as well as expected?

Experts say the slow start is due to a lack of installers as well as hurdles such as the cost of insulating homes to make them heat pump ready. The government has said it will continue to promote the scheme, in the hope that uptake will improve. However, only 42,779 heat pumps were installed in the UK last year and according to Ofgem, the UK government’s installation goal is 600,000 heat pumps per year by 2028.

Can a plumber install a heat pump?

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Fitting a heat pump is complex and best left to the professionals.

Plumbers and heating engineers can become certified to install heat pumps and this can certainly attract new business straight away. According to the government website, many places will offer £500 discounts to heating engineers who want to become qualified as heat pump installers.

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What is the future for the scheme?

Uptake for schemes such as the Boiler Upgrade Scheme can begin slowly and then pick up pace over time as teething issues are ironed out. The government will be playing its part too by increasing public awareness through marketing campaigns.