Gift ideas for knitters

Are you looking for the perfect gift for the knitter in your life? The good news is that crafty knitters are surprisingly easy to buy for, with a great choice of knitting gifts from which to choose. From knitting kits, tools and yarn to fun craft-related items, let’s look at some of the top gift picks for knitters.

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Knitting kits

A knitting kit is the perfect gift for a keen knitter. Depending on their level of expertise, you can go from something quite basic to something aimed at accomplished knitters. You will find a wide choice of knitting kits available from stockists such as, ranging from cushion and blanket kits to clothing and toys.

Knitting tools

Many top gifts for knitters come in the form of tools, such as cutters, needles or stitch markers. Most knitters like to have a range of needles and other accessories at their disposal and will always be pleased with the gift of a new tool.

Special wool

At first, this may seem like a boring choice; however, as wool is available on such a wide spectrum of quality and price, the gift of luxury wool is a great option. Any knitter will be pleased to have their wool stock replenished with high-quality yarn.

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Knitting-related gifts

Not every gift for a knitter needs to contain knitting items; instead, some just celebrate the craft. From funny mugs to knit-inspired jewellery and plaques, there are a host of ways you can buy a gift that celebrates this traditional craft.

Whether you choose a complete knitting kit, the gift of accessories, gorgeous new wool or go outside the box with knit-related gifts, you are sure to put a smile on the face of that special knitter in your life.