Fundamental aspects of good web design

With around a billion websites out there, what can you do to stand out and get visitors flocking to your website? Nailing the fundamentals is essential, so keep reading to find out how the top software houses do it.

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Keep it Simple

If a user has to dredge through page after page of irrelevant information and pushy advertising just to find the one thing they are looking for, there is a good chance the customer will not stick around long enough to buy it. Simple, uncomplicated designs make users happy. If someone has to spend more than a few seconds trying to work out what is going on or where they are supposed to click, they will move on to the next website. Visuals need to be clean, straightforward and interactive.

Be Original

While many people use templates and themes to build their websites, they really need that innovative touch to set them apart and avoid looking like just another cookie-cutter, off-the-shelf website. You will need to make as many changes to the original theme as you can handle or start from scratch yourself. Try to stay on top of the trends and keep your website fresh and exciting.

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Keep It Secure

As important now as it ever was, website security is one area where you cannot afford to cut corners. If you are storing sensitive data on your users, you have to make sure that data can never be compromised. This is an area where it may well be worth calling in experts such as, a website design company in Gloucester, or one of the many software houses around today.

Make Signups Obvious

Whether it is an email subscription or customer registration you are after, your signups (or CTAs) are essential. They need to be clear and quick. Nobody wants to spend ten minutes filling in form after form. If more information is needed, perhaps take the basics at first and follow up with an email. Intelligent placement of any form is also essential.

There is a lot more involved in making an effective website, but these fundamentals should get you on the right track. Making use of good SEO, advertising and placement along with these basics will go a long way toward making your website a resounding success.