Five Tips When Renovating a Property

Following the Coronavirus pandemic, house prices have climbed and the market has grown incredibly busy as homebuyers eagerly search for their perfect home.

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A report from Which suggests that prices have risen by 12% as buyers compete in a crowded market. Due to this demand, more and more people are taking on renovation projects. But what are the key things to bear in mind when you are renovating a property?

Carry Out a Survey

If you are buying a new home, especially one that requires renovation, then in a home buyers survey Oxford surveyors will stress the importance of carrying out a full building survey. Not only will this highlight any costly issues prior to spending lots of money on improvements, but it will also confirm the structural state of the property should you be wanting to knock down walls or make any other major changes. You’ll also need planning permission if you are planning to take down walls or build outwards externally.

This 1930s semi detached house has been transformed by its owners into a bright and happy family home — all for just £40,000

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Consider the Practicalities

Renovations can be stressful and disruptive. It’s important to think about how you will manage practically should you be without a kitchen, bathroom or flooring for any length of time.

Have a Monetary Float

In a home buyers survey Oxford surveyors might warn of the dangers of being unprepared for additional costs. When you start making renovations, especially larger ones, you can uncover all sorts of issues that you maybe hadn’t considered before. For this reason it’s important to have a contingency budget set aside – otherwise you might find that the works can’t be fully completed to the standard you’d hoped for.

Know Which Works Add Value

If you are looking to add value to a property, then know which renovations do that. Modern kitchens and bathrooms are always a good start. But converting garages or lofts into additional living areas is also a popular trend.

Know What to Keep

Renovating a property is all well and good, but sometimes the original features can add character and charm to the property, so it’s important to know what parts to safeguard during the works. Removing things like original windows, beams or intricate fireplaces can destroy the character of the house and even devalue it. So do your research on the origins of the house and be careful not to change too much.