Five reasons to put your home on the market in the spring

Many estate agents recommend waiting until spring to put your house on the market. But why is this? We take a closer look.
1. Better weather

Spring weather is lighter, brighter, warmer and dryer and this provides a great backdrop for showcasing properties. Sunshine gives better conditions for photography and helps to illuminate a property for viewings. The increase in light overall helps to make your property look inviting and bright and also reminds buyers that longer days are coming – something that naturally energises people and makes them consider moving house.

You can also use the better weather to air your home and make it look fresh and inviting. Also, try switching to lighter furnishings and window dressings to create a welcome sense of space and energy.

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2. Easier kerb appeal

It’s so much easier to make a house look appealing when the trees are leafy and the flowers are blooming! You can take advantage of this with container planters and strategic paint upgrades to give your property extra kerb appeal.

Sometimes this involves nothing more than repainting your front door, cleaning the windows and tidying your garden. Ask a trusted friend or family member to view your house objectively and with a fresh pair of eyes, as though they were a buyer.

3. School schedules

Most people with families prefer to move house before the new academic year begins and will try to time this process with the long summer holidays. So if you list your property in spring, this gives plenty of time for the transaction to complete. This is particularly important if you are planning to market your property to the family demographic.

4. More demand

Most people typically begin searching for a property in spring, with the majority wanting to settle before the peak demand period of summer. This gives you an early advantage to tap into a generous pool of house hunters, increasing your chances of securing a successful sale.

Conveyancing solicitors Birmingham such as have noticed this trend and find that business is busier at this time of year. Remember to organise your conveyancer as soon as you begin the process so that everything moves quickly.

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  1. Competitive advantage

    Spring fever means that competition starts to ramp up for properties, and demand tends to build. This means you can get multiple offers and choose the best buyer and sales price. As a seller, this puts you in a strong position so it’s well worth getting ahead of the curve.

    These reasons are compelling when it comes to listing your property and getting a head start on a successful sale in 2024.