Email marketing in the mobile age

Today we hear so much about the quest for Inbox Zero that many people have started to dismiss email as a bad thing, or an obligation, assuming that shoppers are no longer excited at the thought of getting email.

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While it’s true that hearing your inbox ping does not create a feeling of excitement in the way it did in the 1990s, it is still a great way to reach customers, and since it is an inexpensive form of marketing and one that can easily be used to augment other forms of promotion.

Mobile users are most responsive

Email marketing is particularly effective for reaching mobile users. About 48% of people open their emails using a mobile device, with webmail being the next most popular way of opening emails, and traditional desktop email clients in a distant third place. What’s particularly interesting, however, is that as mobiles have become the preferred way for people to open their emails, the click rate to open rate has more than doubled, reaching 13.7% as of 2015.

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Building familiarity with your brand

Mobile users are more likely to spend time reading the emails when they open them too, while desktop client users often flick from email to email – spending less than three seconds on each one. This means that email marketers who understand how to target mobile users, and those who take advantage of other tools such as mobile app marketing, are in a good position to grow their brand using a multi-channel approach.

Companies like a PR Agents Cheltenham way understand the importance of email marketing as one of the many ways in which a business can position themselves in front of their potential clients. If you are looking for support Target Group provide businesses with PR in Cheltenham. According to one study conducted by Yesmail, the revenue from mobile email accounts for 20 per cent of total email revenue, a growth of one third from the 2014 figure.

Email marketing may have changed a lot, but it is still a powerful tool for those who are willing to exploit it. While technology is always evolving, the basic psychology of using repeated exposure to your brand name to increase your conversion rate remains the same. If you aren’t using email marketing today, then you are definitely missing out on some powerful marketing opportunities.