Driven to Distraction: Spouse Disharmony at the Wheel

A recent survey has revealed that the most annoying passenger people find in their cars on a regular basis is their spouse, with 43 per cent of British motorists voting them as the most irritating travellers in their cars.

Driven to Distraction

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As detailed in the Telegraph, these latest results reveal that the person most drivers find infuriating when they’re driving is their partner.

Other Family Members Also Irritated Those Behind the Wheel

In second place, with 16 per cent of the vote, were children. Siblings accounted for 11 per cent of the votes. This was closely followed by mums, who took 10 per cent of the votes, whilst dads didn’t seem as annoying with just 8 per cent claiming they were the most irritating passenger in their car. A further 8 per cent related to friends, and the remaining 4 per cent said they couldn’t choose between the groups as to who was the most frustrating.

This latest investigation was conducted by car leasing company OVS Ltd, which surveyed 1000 participants about their driving and asked who they felt was the most exasperating passenger to have in the car.

Husbands and Wives Equally as Irritating as Passengers

The number of votes from men and women as to whether their spouse was the most infuriating passenger they could have in the car was surprisingly equal. 41 per cent of women chose their partners, and 43 per cent of men chose theirs.

These vexing other-halves were also found in all age groups too, with 18- to 24-year-olds being the only exception, as they find their dads the most annoying – taking 33 per cent of the votes.

Also investigating what the most annoying habits people find their passengers have, the results indicated that the worst habit of all is the back-seat driver. Others included asking to stop for toilet breaks, changing the radio and not wearing a seatbelt – something that drivers can be fined for, as detailed by the government here:

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This survey is just one of those revealing what annoying habits both drivers and passengers are developing in the cars on Britain’s roads.