Do you want to build a website?

If you’ve ever wondered what website design is all about, then look no further. A web designer is someone who uses both technical and creative skills to build or redesign websites. It is a relatively new profession and has increased in importance and popularity over the decade as more and more of our daily lives are affected by digital media. A website designer specialises in understanding what is needed for a site to be functional, user friendly and look great. As you can see, it combines a mix of technical knowledge and a flair for the creative.

The internet has revolutionised human communication and most people rely on the web for information, communication, social contact and online shopping. There is no sign of this abating and so website design is considered a profession with good job security, future growth prospects and high demand. So, what exactly does a website designer do?

Firstly, thinking about how the website will look needs to be examined. Decisions need to be made such as choice of colours, font, images and layout. This stage is extremely important as the aesthetics set the tone and personality of the entire website. It is important to select things that will appeal to the target audience for that specific website. Usability is another key factor that designers have to consider. Therefore, a designer needs to create a site that is appropriate for it’s needs, easy to understand and with easy to access information. For Web Design In Peterborough, visit

Do you want to build a website

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Sound interesting? If you’re thinking about a career in website design, there are many courses that offer qualifications in this subject but a good grounding with a University degree will be useful to build on. If you’ve got an interest in computers and programming then even better for the technical side of the job. Some artistic flair will be helpful as there is definitely a creative side to design and it’s not all technical. If you have a passion for computers and art and design then this could well be the job for you.

As you’ll be working in a modern and creative industry, you can expect your workplace to reflect this and be a contemporary environment. Your workplace may be designed to help evoke creative thinking and feature a relaxed dress code, attract younger employees and working from home and flexible hours might be a part of the package. Maybe you could consider going freelance and work from an office at home.

So if you have:

  • Motivation and self-discipline
  • An eye for detail and a creative flair
  • An avid interest in technology, computing and programming

Then website design could be right up your street. You will also have to be good at communicating with clients and understanding their needs and requirements when you meet with them. Strong interpersonal and presentational skills will be useful as you translate your client’s grand vision into a workable website.