Do you choose to Move home or do you build a conservatory or extension.

To move home or build a conservatory or extension is a dilemma that faces lots of families as their children grow up and need more space.   That little two up, two down cottage that was so perfect when you bought it over ten years ago is now straining at the seams to fit you and your three teenagers in!  So, it’s now your turn to decide on the future of your once perfect home, do you sell and incur all the financial penalties a house move entails?  Or do you stay put and extend your current home with a conservatory or extension?  In this very difficult financial climate and with house prices literally going through the roof lots of families are deciding it’s better to stay put and extend in one way or another.

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The simpler option is to have a conservatory built because they are normally within the allowed size for planning permission not to be an issue. However, it’s always wise to get a professional builder in to check out your grounds and talk through ideas. If you have a large loft space it could be possible to extend your property upwards. Alternatively, if you have a reasonably big garden then having a single, or double storey extension could be the more practical solution for your family. In this instance you will need to obtain planning permission, but your professional builders will sort all that out for you. One of the things your builders will automatically check before they start digging is where your utility cables, water pipes and sewers are in your garden and if they need any repairs. If your drains were a little damaged, then the easy solution would be to contact a company such as and get a new Drain Lining Gloucester.

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Once all the groundwork has been completed your new extension can go ahead and should be completed within a couple of months.  Once the exterior is finished, the roof is tiled, and the windows are in, then the interior walls can be plastered ready for you to paint or wallpaper as desired. Flooring is laid and new carpets or laminate are installed, now you can put all the new furniture you require into place. Not only have you doubled the size of your home, but you have doubled the value!

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