Custom made or ready made curtains?

New curtains will add value to your home whether you are renovating, building a new one, or simply sprucing it up. Use them to create privacy, dim the room at night, diffuse bright sunlight or stay warm in winter. Fabric curtains are also very versatile, as they can be styled in many different ways. Which is better: buying ready-made curtains or having them made to order?

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Custom-made curtains: Benefits

  1. Fit is important if you want to block light, or stay warmer in winter/improve energy efficiency. Bespoke curtains offer a complete service, from measuring to installing your custom-made curtain. This ensures that they are the perfect fit.
  2. Lining options are available to enhance thermal insulation and light control/blocking. Custom-made solutions can be tailored to each individual window. You can choose from woven or triple-weave linings for curtains, thermal-coated fabrics and linings. Block-out fabrics are also available.
  3. Custom-made services give you the opportunity to choose from a wide range of fabrics. You will achieve the exact style you want for your interior. You can even get help selecting the right style.

Heading style is how the curtains pleat at the top. It has a major impact on the drape and overall appearance of the curtain. Custom-made curtains will give you more choices.

  1. Carefully crafted: Custom-made curtain products are made using precision technology and the best experience. The result is a product of high quality. To find out more about all types of Curtains Cheltenham, visit

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The benefits of ready-made curtains

  1. Delivery times are faster: Because the curtains have been made and are ready for purchase and hanging, you don’t need to wait too long to receive them.
  2. The easiest option is to choose the style and size that you want (or the closest match).
  3. The latest trends in curtains: Because readymade curtains are made to sell quickly, they feature the most popular design and colour schemes.
  4. Pricing transparency: You can see the cost right away and decide if it fits into your budget.

The best way to block light and keep a room warm is by covering the entire window. The curtains should start at the top of the frame or even up to ceiling height and then go all the way down (either stopping just a few millimetres away from the ground, or touching the floor and pooling).