Could a “pets at work” scheme benefit your company?

The benefits of pets have been known by animal lovers for a long time, but are now understood by health care providers too. Some employers are now encouraging pet owners to bring their pets to work to transfer these benefits to the workplace. Nestlé is one of the most well-known companies to have introduced a “pets at work” scheme in America back in 2015, citing multiple benefits to staff and the organisation as a whole.

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It’s not just in America that companies are rolling out pets at work schemes, in the UK employers are being encouraged to allow their staff to bring in their pets. When considering occupational health Cardiff or California, dogs are now thought to be beneficial in this area.

Calming and reducing stress

Stroking animals has long been known to reduce stress levels in humans, so having dogs in the workplace acts a destresser and helps to calm workers, as they are able to stroke their pets regularly.

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Walking is an obvious benefit to workers’ occupational health Cardiff is one of many UK locations where workers with pet-friendly employers are able to gain exercise during the working day by walking their dog, and therefore, improving mental and physical health.

Improving relationships and boosting morale

Having a dog in the office provides a talking point and encourages social interactions, so helps build relationships and morale amongst workers.

Work-life balance

If an employee is allowed to bring their pet to work, they will not need to spend money on care or walking services and they won’t spend the day worrying about when they are able to get home. Employees are likely to be appreciative of these considerations and savings, and a little overtime, when needed, will not be a problem if they know their dog is happily curled up in the office with them.

Consider all employees

Not everyone is an animal lover so companies do need to consider all employees. Ensure all workers are given the opportunity to have their say and make their feelings known. Consider allergies, anxieties, etc. and although Nestlé says often these factors can be overcome and trial days can help alleviate concerns about how workers and pets will interact, it is important to give careful consideration to exactly how it will work in your company.