Choosing the right kitchen worktop

Worktops are just as important, if not even more, than cabinetry when it comes to renovating your kitchen. A kitchen worktop must be functional as well as attractive. Make sure you make the right choice so that your kitchen can withstand everyday use – including food spills, water marks and heat damage.

The worktop materials available today are incredibly diverse and offer a wide range of options for all budgets. The technology has created materials that are almost indestructible, making them ideal for busy family homes. The trend of open plan kitchen layouts in addition to living room style kitchens have led to the introduction and use of luxurious materials.

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What is the best material for kitchen countertops?

Different materials are popular for kitchen worktops. These include laminate, granite solid wood, quartz, glass composite stone, stainless steel, and solid wood. It’s vital to consider all factors to tailor your kitchen worktop to suit your requirements. For Kitchen Refurbishment Guildford, visit

Investing in a worktop can be a good idea, since it is one of the hardest-wearing surfaces in your kitchen. Solid timber worktops look organic and are durable. If you want something that is easy to maintain and will last the test of time but still has a little sparkle, then quartz worktops can do both.

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Prices are a big factor in the decision-making process for most families. What you choose will often depend on your budget. Most made-to measure worktops, such as marble, Corian, and concrete, are expensive. They can be unrealistic for those on a tight budget. Consider a look-alike that is similar in quality. Pre-cut laminate worktops offer a beautiful surface and are durable without the high price tag.

There are many different price points for worktops, from laminates that cost less to granites that cost more. The choice you make will usually depend on how much money you have. Although cheaper options are often a good choice, they may not last as well as more durable composites or stones.

Mix and match your worktops if you are on a tight budget. Use panels of stone that are more expensive in areas where you will be working a lot, such as near the sink or cooker. The trend is to combine worktops, which will make your kitchen look modern.

Add any additional costs. Experts are usually required to template stone composites and granite, as well as some types of wood. Each cutout, such as for a sink or hob, costs around £80 to £100. The sink drainer grooves will cost you extra.