Capsule wardrobes for men

When it comes to picking your clothes for the day, do you find that you are frantically searching through the hundreds of shirts and jumpers that you have only to find that you can’t find anything to wear? It is a common problem for the modern man. We have become so focused on fashion over the years that most of us have accumulated a vast amount of clothing, most of which we never wear. This is where the capsule wardrobe can help you.

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The idea behind the capsule wardrobe is to have a limited number of items that when put together in different selections creates an almost endless number of outfits. Here are a few of the things that a man should include in their collection:

Trousers – you will want to have a couple of work trousers as well as some more casual options such as those made from linen and jeans.

Tops – give yourself enough work shirts for the week as well as a selection of casual shirts and t-shirts. Make sure that you only keep one each style and colour. No-one needs more than one simple black t shirt.

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Layers – make sure that you keep yourself some jumpers and Mens Aran Sweaters like the ones that you can see at Adding a jumper to an outfit can help to subtly change it from formal workwear to more casual evening wear.

Shoes – again a selection of shoes are important so that you cover those need for work and more formal occasions and those for casual days out.