Best online shipping tips for retailers

The shipping process is how your customer will judge your service, so it is important to make sure that your product arrives safely, in one piece, and in a timely manner. Here are some tips to make that happen and keep your customers happy.

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Shipping costs

Many customers go through the process of choosing their perfect product, then hitting a stumbling block. Excessive shipping charges are the biggest way to lose the customer at that final stage of purchasing. Most people want the option of free delivery, even if it means waiting longer.

Be communicative

It isn’t sufficient to acknowledge their purchase with a polite email nowadays. People are impatient and will expect frequent updates on their order. Even if you can’t be totally attentive, at least send messages or emails confirming when their order has been received, packaged, and dispatched. Failing to do this can hurt your ratings.

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Whether it is cheap or premium delivery, always make it clear to the customer how long it will take for their product to arrive based on the standard set by the shipping company. Using companies that offer same-day shipping like will make it easier for you to have a standard delivery time.


Allow your customers to track their package, and you will alleviate worry for you and them. Many retailers like Amazon allow you to track a product at every step.

Flexible returns

Creating a flexible and prompt returns policy is key to getting repeat custom and good ratings. Many smaller retailers are still placing the responsibility and effort of returning items onto the customer, but offering a courier service, good packaging for returning items and a free return address could make the process a lot easier for both parties.

Flexible shipping

On the other end of the scale, offering flexible shipping is also a great way to retain customers. Using drop-off points is popular, or you could use Same Day Courier Service and allow the customer to choose what day the item is delivered. People’s working hours vary significantly nowadays, so offering flexibility is a big bonus.

Using these tips should help propel your business to good success and a good reputation. When it comes to providing great service, shipping is not something you can ignore.