Being Well in the Winter Months

Over the winter months, taking care of our health is something that we should think about more, as there are more factors at this time of the year that can have a detrimental impact on our health. Here are some of the things that can affect it, and what you can do that can help…

Spread of Illnesses – Germs spread around more in the winter, and although it is not always something that we can avoid, making sure that your immune system is healthy and able to tackle them is something that you can do.

Getting all of the right vitamins and minerals for your body is crucial at this time of the year, and you should make sure that you are eating a varied diet with plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in it.

Getting a good night’s sleep is also crucial for the healthy functioning of your immune system, so develop a good bedtime routine and go to bed at a reasonable hour to ensure that you are getting the rest that you need.

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Allergies and Air Pollution – At this time of the year, environmental pollution in the air can trigger allergies. The windows being closed more to keep the house warm mean that allergies to dust mites can become worse.

Making sure that your home is cleaned, dusted and hoovered regularly is important. To help reduce the allergens in the air of your home, you can also get a professional like this air con Stroud based company to install air conditioning for you as this will help to get rid of potential allergens in the air.

Lack of Daylight – The reduced hours of daylight can cause you to feel tired, under the weather and to experience mental health problems in the winter months. In fact, this is so common it is known as SAD – seasonal affective disorder. Going to see your doctor is a good idea if you think that ylou are suffering with this.

Things that can help you include light boxes and also taking vitamin D supplements as this is something that we usually get from the sun.

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The Cold – Being too cold can range from uncomfortable to fatal. In older people, young babies and people with other health conditions it is particularly important to keep the body warm enough.

Make sure that you keep your home warm, have hot foods and drinks and that you use warm clothing and blankets to sleep in and around the house.