Anykeylogger For Mac: A Keylogger Specially Designed For Mac Users

Anykeylogger For Mac

At the mention of keylogger software, what are you thinking of? Malicious software? A significant part of people take keylogger software as malicious software that will invade people’s system and steal private information. Since keylogger program can record keystrokes, which means it will record passwords struck on keyboard, this function is a bane that may result in information and data theft or identity theft. What’s more, keylogger program runs in background without your detection, you can hardly find them out if you don’t know where it’s installed. There’s no doubt that a part of hackers make use of this program to break in other people’s computer stealing information. But we need to view things from multiple aspects, what if the keylogger program is not used by hackers? Can they work usefully for average computer users? Whether its features can help computer users in other positive aspects? You know, every coin has two sides. You find and view the negative side of keylogger program, now you need to find its active face.

Anykeylogger For MacFirst of all, we need to know what a keylogger program is. Now keylogger software is generally computer activity watcher that’s able to monitor almost all computer activities, for which some parents will use it to monitor children to ensure kids’ online security; employers may use it to record what employees have done in their absence. With the help of keylogger software you can snap the computer desktop based on preset time interval, record keystrokes struck on keyboard. Since now the keylogger software is not only a keylogger, it generally can record keystrokes, capture computer screen, log visited websites and track programs running in the background. Now keylogger software for Windows has more features other than the functions mentioned above, for example, some keylogger software can even block sites and apps and limit Internet use time.

Anykeylogger for Mac is keylogger software designed for Mac users, it’s a smart monitoring program designed to monitor Mac activities including keystrokes, visited websites, desktop screenshots, etc. Anykeylogger for Mac is an invisible and easy to use Mac monitoring application. After installation the keylogger app will run secretly and stealthily in the background monitoring and recording the activities happened in Mac.

Anykeylogger for Mac is one of best spyware for Mac users; with 6 major features it can help Mac users to monitor activities on Mac easily. Before monitoring the Mac you need to configure settings in the application. If you emphasize on the feature of screenshots, you first of all need to set time intervals and picture quality so that you can then get screenshots meeting your requirements; if you need to view the logs on any other computer, you can make use of its email delivery function. Since the program now can only support Gmail, you must have a Gmail account so that the program will send the collected logs to the email address you preset. Since the program has self-protection function, you can add a password on the program to prevent other users change settings.