An Introduction to WordPress 4.9

While many business owners, freelancers or bloggers may already be familiar with WordPress, it is the developers among you that will truly appreciate the new experience offered by WordPress 4.9, the system’s newest release. While some changes will have you crying out “finally!”, other modifications will leave you uttering “wow”.

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Bringing WordPress Back Up to Date

Regular users of WordPress will probably have noticed a few areas in which the content management system was lagging behind. Version 4.9 marks an end to this frustrating period! Quite rightly, the developers behind WordPress 4.9 have focused on bringing up to date cutting custom HTML as well as error checking and syntax highlighting for CSS editing. More basic updates include an auto-save function to prevent the loss of unsaved code or designs along with fresh permissions for developers and an upgrade to MediaElement.js.

Error Prevention

In an attempt to cut down on bad code being saved within the CMS, new Sandbox features have been introduced as well as a warning message when codes or themes have the potential to result in adverse consequences. To read more about the code editing advantages, see

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Useful Additions

Furthermore, the developers have taken into consideration the need for users to schedule changes or publications and have consequently added some nifty scheduling features. This means certain content or design uploads can appear at specific predetermined times.

As a novice developer or someone considering setting up your own WordPress site, some of the above might leave you a bit baffled. If you think a bit of support would do you or your business good, then why not contact a company specialising in WordPress web design in London, like Happy2Host ( to get business off to a good start?

What to Expect from Future WordPress Releases

WordPress headquarters have been under pressure recently about rumours that their next release might include Gutenburg, a brand new editing tool. While this advanced tool may offer some innovative editing functions, the developers have warned that they may not be straightforward to find and could have a negative impact on some existing plugins. Although insiders are yet to address these issues in any kind of detail, they have confirmed that the goal of Gutenburg is to bring WordPress up to date and offer many new opportunities.