How to keep safe and active this summer

As Soon as you start your very first fulltime or part time working position you have a choice to make.  How are you going to get to your place of employment on a regular basis?  Public transport could be an option but that can be very costly and the unpredictability of the bus/train services leave a lot of commuters frustrated and late for work.  So, what are your other options?   Drive to work in your own vehicle or car share with a colleague perhaps?  If your place of employment is fairly close and you’re reasonably fit then why not think about using a bicycle for the journey?  Car or bicycle that’s the two main options we are going to look at today.  For warmth during the cold months, being able to communicate on the hands-free phone, for transporting bulky items to and from work for sharing with others the car definitely has the advantage.

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Once at work, as long as you have a dedicated carparking space, the car share option is a fairly reasonable one, when your friends share the cost of the running of your vehicle. To allow your bosses to know that you are on site, you are your fellow workers will probably have to sign into a Visitor Management System.  Companies like can provide such systems if your company doesn’t have one.

Your other option is to use a bicycle, that will give you the freedom to go to and from work independently, keep fit, protect the environment and save money.  The choice is yours, car or bicycle?