5 more sports business experts worth following on social media

Sport is big business and some people have their finger on the pulse of what’s hot and happening at all times.

5 more sports business experts worth following on social media

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Social media is being used to great effect to boost sport coverage and these five sports business experts are the ones who know it all and are worth following on Twitter, Facebook or any other social media platform they may post on.

Ken Rosenthal

Rosenthal is a big deal in baseball circles and he’s also verified on Twitter. He’s an MLB network analyst and specialises in baseball coverage for FOX Sports, making his opinion one that’s highly respected. He tweets a lot of numbers, is always up to date on the latest transfers and acquisitions and is always quick to credit his sources if he hasn’t broken the news first.

Rodney Fort

Fort is a professor of sports management at the University of Michigan and an expert in sports economics. He’s a collector of sports data and shares his information across a number of websites. His Twitter account features less of his own work and focuses more on money stories and which college conferences are the most valuable, he also posts up to the minute news and has interesting insight into transfers and other happenings in the sporting world.

Kristi Dosh

Dosh reports on the sports business industry for Campus Insiders, Forbes and formerly, ESPN. She’s published two books and her reporting on college football is legendary. She’s the kind of social media presence that would advise of the types of soccer drills a team could implement or whether the Sportplan soccer drill video training systems could be implemented to great effect.

Kurt Badenhausen

Badenhausen is a Forbes senior reporter who concentrates on sports business. He previously worked for Financial World Business and his Tweets focus on sports financial side and how it has an impact on business. He’s an excellent resource and he curates Tweets on all sorts of business and sports related topics, making his social media accounts all the more engaging.

Scott Soshnick

Soshnick is a Bloomberg News sports business reporter who also frequently contributes to ESPN’s Outside the Lines and Sportscenter programs. Possibly one of the most comprehensive sports business social media Tweeters, Soshnick covers everything related to the subject and focuses on current events and the impact they have globally.