4 Key Reasons to Tackle Dust in Your Factory

It’s virtually impossible to prevent dust in the manufacturing workplace. In fact, some level of dust is both normal and not harmful. However, when dust starts to build up, then you can create some serious issues, which is why it always pays to keep your factory as dust-free as possible.

4 Key Reasons to Tackle Dust in Your Factory

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Productivity and Quality Issues

The first telltale sign that dust is beginning to accumulate in your factory is finding dust on the floor. It’s a sure sign there’s dust settling in other areas of the building too.
All that accumulated dust can get into your machines and equipment. It’s a sure way to cause maintenance issues and even permanent damage. Dust can have an impact on the quality of your products too, and sending out packaged goods covered in dust gives them a neglected look which creates a poor first impression.

Keeping your factory as dust-free as possible will help to prevent unnecessary downtime and loss of productivity.

Inefficient HVAC

You need an efficient HVAC system to minimise the dust in the atmosphere and prevent occupational health problems like irritated eyes and noses, asthma and skin rashes.

4 Key Reasons to Tackle Dust in Your Factory2

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If you allow dust to accumulate and get trapped in your HVAC system, you’re at risk of the system becoming less efficient and incapable of effectively filtering dust out of the air.

Routine maintenance of filters and the ductwork blast gate damper will help to ensure your HVAC is up to the job. Make sure you always have spare parts and filters from a company like dustspares.co.uk to make maintenance easy.

Health Risks

Allowing dust to accumulate in the atmosphere puts your workforce at risk of dust-related illnesses that can cause breathlessness, excess coughing and worse. Dust can irritate the eyes and even cause a slip hazard if not dealt with quickly.

Keeping your HVAC in good order and your factory clean and tidy will minimise these risks.

Combustion Danger

It’s a less common danger of letting dust accumulate in your factory, but when a dust cloud comes in contact with an ignition source it can cause an explosion.

Following good housekeeping rules in your factory not only minimises the risk of any issues with product quality and productivity but can keep your workforce healthier and make your factory safer and more efficient.