3 considerations before you buy an industrial winch

If you need an industrial winch, you will want to ensure you pick the right model. Check through our information to make the best choice.

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Winches are used in many industries – including construction, automotive, mining, and recovery – to move, pull and position heavy loads. Mechanical winches come in a range of configurations, and power sources vary; it is possible to have a hydraulic winch, electric winch or steam-powered winch.

Winch Type

Hand winches are manual winches that can handle lighter loads and feature a handle lever arm. The fulcrum is the barrel axis.

Utility winches are suitable for lightweight applications and are general-purpose winches.

Capstan winches are used for pulling horizontally and have vertical winch drums. The benefit here that it is possible to release the line at any angle from the drum.

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Friction winches are stable and smooth and feature two drums, which are grooved and set in-line. The cable is reeled into a larger drum.

Reputable suppliers such as https://www.brevini.co.uk/power-transmission/winches/hydraulic-winches/ stock a selection of winches.

Winch Size

It is vital that the winch is suitable for the load required, especially as industries such as construction and mining are focusing more and more on health and safety standards.

A large winch with a larger motor means the winch has less work to do and has the ability to run without overheating for longer. However, you will need to consider the weight of the load lifted and whether the load is rolling or dead weight. Also, look at the type of the surface the load will be winched over and what the gradient is as soft surfaces or a steep incline can significantly increase the weight, even tripling the weight of the load.

Gear Type

Planetary gearing has a design that is reminiscent of the sun with planets revolving around it. This is a popular gear system type due to its affordability, compact size and smooth operation.

Spur gearing is the most efficient gearing system, using two or more parallel shafts. However, this system can be expensive.

Worm gearing uses two gears, right-angle shafting and a self-locking mechanism, and it allows for self-braking. This gear type tends to be good for load lowering under power.