13 ways to create brand awareness

brand awareness

When you need a handkerchief, do you ask a tissue? When you buy a mascara Questions for? And when you want a cola, would you ask the waiter a Coke?

These terms are known as eponym’s property and are the apex of brand awareness. These brands have become so familiar, that have replaced the generic term for similar products in our language.

brand awareness
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A brand or a product becomes an eponymous means you have reached the top of the brand awareness. Although you may not get to do this with your business, that does not mean you cannot do much more to boost awareness of your brand.

Here we have 13 strategies that will help launch and publicize your brand.

  1. Referral Program

Users are happy to spread the word about your product or service when they know they’re getting a benefit from it.

Dropbox is a great example of how referral programs can help grow a business. Dropbox offers users 500 MB of additional storage space for every friend you recommend (up to 16GB).

When Dropbox was still new, this referral program helped generate tons of entries, saving a lot of money on advertising.

  1. Infographics

Infographics are a good way to show interesting marketing data and statistics. These pieces of content are typically shared much in social networks, so it is a great tool to create brand awareness.

  1. Freemium

Many online products allow users to choose between free versions that include a watermark, or the option to upgrade your account to the paid version, which allows users to remove or replace branded with your own logo. Many users opt for the free version, which will help raise awareness of your brand to other users.

  1. Local Associations

Another strategy to build brand awareness is involved with local associations (in the case of having a physical store or business-oriented public on your location). Partner with other local businesses for seminars or festivals and sponsor local sports teams will give your brand more visibility.

  1. Freebies

Everyone loves free stuff! Put your brand on pen drives, pens, notebooks, hats, etc., and then gives your articles in local festivals and events.

  1. Advertising in your car

It is one of the most classic and effective for brand building strategies. This is a custom design that will turn heads wherever you go beyond and will help familiarize people with your brand.

  1. Social Media

With the number of social networks steadily increasing, try to be active in all of them is crazy. If your business is only suitable for two platforms in particular, do not be afraid to let others aside. It is consistent with your updates and creates a community of faithful followers to share interesting articles with them, creating discussions and resolving doubts.

7.1 Social Media Contests

Create a contest on social networks in which contestants have to share one of your stories, photos or hashtags with friends. This will help you gain more visibility in the network.

  1. Unique personality

One sure way to increase brand awareness is to create a unique identity. If you work in an industry in which a small dose of humor is appropriate, do not hesitate to get down to work, this can make a big difference. Your ads and articles could become viral on the network, helping to increase your sales.

  1. Podcasts

Create your own podcast where interviews with industry experts is a good way to build your brand and at the same time to develop relationships with others in your field.

  1. Google Adwords PPC-Advertising

Every day the SEO is more competitive, so PPC is a good solution to give your brand visibility in Google. With the proper keyword research, you may appear at the top of Google for relevant searches. Even if users do not end up clicking on your ad, to see your name at the top of the search results printing that help build brand awareness is created.

  1. Remarketing campaigns

The remarketing means show your ads to users who have visited your site and left it before converting. Remarketing ads are placed throughout the network in the sites they visit your customers. Soon you will begin to see your business everywhere – in their favorite blogs, while making an online purchase, etc. This will give the impression that your brand is much larger (and which has a much larger advertising budget) than it actually is, and is a great way to increase your conversion rate.

  1. Social Advertising

Ads on Facebook and Twitter are relatively inexpensive and help get more visibility for your brand. In this post you can see some tricks to get the most out of Facebook Ads.

  1. Influencers

Get friends in high places is another easy way to increase your brand awareness. Find existing influential in your industry whose activities could complement your actions, rather than compete with them.

What did you think you have strategies? Want to try?