Five easy SEO tips for beginners

SEO can be a difficult topic to face head-on for any beginner. There are numerous resources, but it can sometimes feel like a case of information overload. Much of this information is out of date, so let’s look at the five key foundations of SEO a beginner should master before exploring the topic further.

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Research and use the relevant keywords

Keywords are essential building blocks when crafting a successful SEO strategy. When your potential clients use Google, what are they searching for? For most businesses, this will be a blend of what they do and where they do it; for example, a dentist in London could use the domain name If you are wondering where you can buy a domain name, the answer is from a domain registrar such as

Optimise the meta descriptions and page titles

After compiling a list of keywords for your site, it is imperative to develop your page title. This can be edited through your content management system or HTML file. The trick here is to fit your keywords into the title as naturally as possible. Putting yourself in the shoes of the potential website visitor is the key to optimising a page title. Meta descriptions act as the description for the content on your page and are equally as important as the page titles.

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Optimise the page content

Referring back to the keywords research, these can also be utilised in your page content to rank a page higher. It is best if you can include keywords in the page’s headings and subheadings, which the search engine algorithms will treat favourably. Not only can the text be optimised but also the images. Editing the image alt text and description will benefit your page’s ranking.

Optimise your business around the web

Creating social media profiles and listing yourself on business directories with relevant keywords dotted around your description will help your website. Search engines use this information to positively rank your site; furthermore, these listings give your business increased social proof.

Link building

Putting your website’s link around the web can be beneficial to your business. This has to be done strategically, as it is not as simple as spamming your link around the web. This is the hardest part of SEO for beginners, but it can pay dividends for future growth.