Only 0.5% of fans are actively involved with brands on Facebook

Social media strategies seem to be imposed more and more between companies and brands, and obviously within the different actions, the interaction between users and brands is positioned as a prevailing need. However, despite all the rise of social media and social networks, the proportion of users that really relates to brands through this type of media is still small.

According to a recent study conducted by Admap, and for which analyzed the 200 most important brand pages on Facebook, in the period of a week, less than 0.5% of fans actively participated or interacted with those brands.

The first reaction to this data is probably astonishment at how low the percentage seems but you can also see how an incentive for brands to make a greater effort in this regard, improving the promotion of their pages and motivating users to increase your participation.

When measuring the success of your pages, companies usually take the number of fans or followers, and the amount of “I like” as indicators. However, the truth is that this type of data may be irrelevant if the fans themselves are really committed to the brand.

This also implies that the fact that companies are large or have a large mass of fans or followers, does not mean that they are doing well. However, this goes to show the theory that there are no indicators or an efficient way to measure the success or failure of brands on social networks like Facebook.

It is true that marketing strategies and actions developed in social networks need to be evaluated in some way, but perhaps such indicators alone are not enough to make such estimates or assess the influence and real impact of brands on social networks.