How to improve Facebook engagement on Facebook

Engagement in social networks is the degree of participation that members of your community have with your brand. Whether Twitter followers, Facebook fans or Linkedin contacts, it is defined as the way users interact with the content and actions you share.

Engagement on Facebook is one of the most relevant metrics on your fan page. If you know how to engage them and improve their interaction with them, you can expand the reach of your message and reach more people. Think that every time someone does a like, comments or shares your post, push that content to the wall of your contacts, which increases the visibility of your brand and the possibility of getting more followers. If, on the contrary, the Engagement of your page is low, little by little you will become invisible.

How to improve Facebook engagement on FacebookHere I share some tips on how to improve and increase Engagement and the interaction of facebook fans.

Post and / or post program from Facebook. Do not use third-party applications.

Facebook would penalize the use of third-party applications that publish on facebook, such as Hootsuite, Hubspot or Tweetdeck. The penalization, according to some studies, would affect the EdgeRank of the publications, reason why less fans will see the post that we do via these apps. It’s one of the ways Facebook uses to force you to use your platform.

Create short posts with attractive titles.

According to Facebook posts with less than 250 characters generate 60% more “likes” than those who exceed this number. Do not forget that everyone struggles to appear on the wall of your fans, so you should try to capture that share of attention with direct and accurate impacts.

Post exclusive content for your fans.

Give people things they will only find on your fan page. The proportion of people who will “Like” your page will be higher, if they see that they will get something of value that is not elsewhere. I’m not just talking about prizes and gifts, I’m talking about original contents, exclusive, designed for your target and that make the possible fan see an additional value in becoming a follower of your brand.

Publish pictures and videos regularly

Statistics indicate that posts that include a photo album, an image or a video generate between 180%, 120% and 100% more reactions, respectively.

Be constant. Publishes regularly. Even on weekends.

Do not forget to publish with constancy in your wall. Includes weekends, because there is less competition and you have more chances that people will see your content. The best way to know how to publish and at what time to do it is to look at the insight provided by Facebook (Statistics on our page). A good analysis will give you answers on the contents that have been more successful and the hours that you have achieved that success.

Do not abuse direct sales messages.

This advice carries a “depends” included. The proportion of messages that should be sales-oriented on your fan page should not exceed 20% or 30%. That is, out of every 10 messages we post, no more than 3 should be “Buy Now,” “Sell,” “Offer,” or “Last Chance.” The “depend” mentioned above, is directed to the pages that are born from companies that are only oriented to the sale, like for example Groupalia or Lets Bonus, among many others. In these cases the proportion of messages oriented to the sale is reversed, which is not problem because the fans of these brands look for that type of content.

Find the “Super fans” and award them with visibility

There are free applications that you can install in your fan page, which will serve to detect the fans of your page that more interact with your content. Booshaka is one of them and gives very good result if you want to find the best fans and perform some specific action with them.

Ask your fans. Use the Facebook tools.

Asking your audience is a way to integrate the fans into an interactive conversation with your brand. You can ask or ask for opinions on new products; What you can improve; What topics would you like to share in the fan page; By actuality related your brand; Or interesting contingencies on which you can draw conclusions. Do not abuse by asking about anything. You want fans involved and focused on the issues that interest you as a brand.

* To ask a question as a page:

  1. Go to the page you manage.
  2. At the top of your page’s bio, click on Question.
  3. Enter the question and click the Question icon.
  4. Add answer options if you want to offer answers.
  5. If you want to allow others to also add options, make sure the “Allow anyone to add options” box is checked.
  6. Choose who can see your question with the audience selector, then click Ask.