Facebook is already a very effective channel for 86% of companies

According to the data of a recent survey developed by Constant Contact, 96% of the SMEs that carry out Social Media Marketing actions choose Facebook as the main channel and 86% of them affirm that the social network is proving very effective.

Small businesses are increasingly comfortable with social media marketing, and are increasingly applying it to deal with customers. As we mentioned before, Facebook is your preferred channel and 86% think it is an effective tool, surpassing 82% who felt the same last week. They are followed, in order of use, by video networks (YouTube, Vimeo, etc.) with 71%, Twitter with 60% and LinkedIn with 55%.

In the last six months, companies that use online marketing tools revealed a significant reduction in the obstacles they have always had to launch social media, with the first two being the time it takes to get something in return, and the difficulty they could bring.

It is also important to know that 62% of small businesses plan to host an event next year. Consulted on why that decision, 69% said it will do so to introduce customers to their new services and products, and 68% will do so to generate new business.

Another important fact is that most companies respond to comments, both negative (60%) and positive (59%) in social media.

In the report, the small companies also showed to invest more time in Social Media Marketing, more specifically, 81% reported using them for their businesses, exceeding 73% of the spring of this year. When they were asked about the reason for it:

  • 83% do so because of the low cost (compared to 72% previously)
  • 67% for being easy to use (compared to 54%)
  • 51% because their clients use social media channels (compared to 38%)
  • 45% because it has not taken them long (31%)

“Small businesses are still learning how Social Media Marketing can help grow their relationships with customers,” said Mark Schmulen, general manager of Social Media at Constant Contact, in a statement.

“Only six months ago, they were learning and discovering all the available online marketing tools and the potential of social media. Now they are beginning to understand more about what they can do for them. “