Why the content remains the king of online marketing?

The content is still king. Yes, although it is high it may sound like a cliché, the truth is that over time has continued to keep without losing its essence, relevance and true value. But why still so important? and of course why companies and brands must now more than ever to use this resource in their marketing strategies?

Just simply stop to realize how every day, millions of people claim all kinds of information. And precisely, it is the content of the container or container this information that can be transmitted or communicated and which can be accessed through different formats, media and channels; Television, radio, newspapers and of course, the Internet, a titanic ecosystem that nothing would be without that growing body of content. The volume of information published on the internet has increased by 9 in the last 5 years and is expected to quadruple by 2015.

Why the content remains the king of online marketingWe use internet to search for what we do not know, tell us today, look for products for which we are interested or intend to buy, we inform you that we like, we discover, read and learn. If you also add the inherited tendencies in this new social era where social networks play a vital and important role, we should add that also interact, in our view, we suggest or share and generate our own information and content.

Anyway, every time we started our daily journey through the network, we begin to share information or digest and consume all types of content.News, articles, videos … If this is what we all seek what reason prevents companies or brands deliver what users are demanding?

Despite all this, it would be unrealistic, wrong and misguided, thinking that content as part of our online marketing strategy were to become a panacea for the simple fact that we are creating our own information. We can not deny that the Internet and social networks, have meant a new paradigm shift in how to plan and set the goals and strategies of business and companies, but ‘without content’ companies lack one weapon more powerful.

Many studies reveal that consumers want branded content, and companies can meet this demand by providing content, information or news, as long as they are objective, fresh and quality.

At this point we should consider a number of interesting issues. What is considered something unique and attractive value for our target audience? What we can offer that have not seen or read before and in turn, offers some value to participation that goes beyond the simple fact promote the content? That is, content marketing itself but … do you have anything to say?

Clearly, if the content is the King, the Queen is its context, never without forgetting some of the essential requirements; the quality of the information itself. Having thousands of fans or followers we will not guarantee achieving any of our goals or objectives. And much more if the information we share lacks quality, genuine interest and relevance to our audience or target audience. If our work to communicate and share information becomes primitive lacking these values, our legion of followers will become an army of ‘zombie fans’ or generation ‘fans nini’. indifferent to our actions that neither listen nor interested or involved in the talks that we intend to start our content through users.

These are some of the reasons why we must be aware that apart from the value that we intend to bring our content, it is also important fact that communication efforts to develop strategic and intelligently. Companies and brands feel the need to communicate. Moreover, they are obliged to communicate to continue to maintain its reputation and visibility, to differentiate or become more relevant within the media themselves or channels which are active. Therefore, beyond the traditional media, content marketing has become a top priority not only for small businesses, but also for large responsible for digital marketing. But make no mistake, for it, it takes good strategies and sufficient resources to carry it out.

In the social internet in which we find ourselves, we can not remain inert or hidden. Brands and businesses must “come out” to count and communicate through their stories and experiences. And the reason is simple. The content is still king.