Why many businesses fail with their videos on YouTube?

YouTube is a great platform to generate online visibility. Surely you comes to mind a case of video that, inexplicably, the overnight has garnered thousands of hits and circulates throughout the network. Can you imagine that you could happen to you?

Nothing is impossible, but should not build castles in the air, and be aware of reality. YouTube success is not something that can be predicted. Not even counting all the world’s resources. Sometimes simple ideas, it “tacky” and even absurdity can end up becoming one of the most viral viewings.

Why many businesses fail with their videos on YouTubeThe company offered us Unruly related data after examining several interesting elements on some key corporate videos detailing the best day to launch a campaign and creative factors that can contribute to a more video becomes viral. In this sense, the work of Unruly pointed to a series of psychological videos (such as happiness, surprise, scorn and anger, and social motivations that justify their distribution, noting that videos need a “strong response from the viewer responses “to achieve certain levels of success. However, for many companies these concepts are completely unknown.

Fashion viral and the rise of online videos, have led many companies begin to invest in the development of content under this format. Online videos have become the most powerful weapon for brands. The contents made on online videos, increase confidence and reinforce purchase intent. It is a very attractive way of consuming information. One of every three customers watch videos on the product page, or wherever you find them, while seeking information about the product you are interested. However, regardless of the phenomenon of large viral, many companies end up check that their efforts are not worthwhile, or that their videos do not generate the desired impact. Why?

These are some of the main problems that companies face when to break into stardom online video channel.

They have a clearly defined goal . You know what you want to achieve exactly? Does traffic to your site? Sales? Do you market your product?¿Subscribers to your channel video? If no marks a concrete goal, your message will not be focused on anything in particular, so it will not get grab attention as it should.

They do not have the necessary resources. Your budget hardly enough to have a basic communication plan, so you can not have greater pretensions.Conduct an online video strategy requires many more resources to keep updated Facebook profile.

They are not constant. If you want to keep the attention of your followers, and get you a place in this media environment, you must develop a presence. This is achieved with frequent publications, always with a high level of quality and issues related to the public interest. Thus also your channel gain in relevance for search engines, and hiráis making it a hole in your sector.

A lack spark videos. Call it creativity, talent or “grace”. If the video fails to engage the receiver, it will close directly. The key to making a video gets big impact is that it is good enough, original, or useful to the recipient believes in the need to share. Thus the basis for a viral video feel.

They do not have the appropriate means. One thing is do not make a Hollywood blockbuster, and one that does not look after the basics that must have the video. To make online videos of a certain quality should invest in technical, artistic and professional resources. The sound, lighting or stage where the recording takes place are crucial. On the other hand, the actors must have presence and look good on camera. It is very recurrent use the company staff to explain what a product, or the human side of the company, but we must choose either to participants. It has to be people to forward, who can express themselves and be able to communicate.

They are not optimized or have spread. No matter how good the video, by simply hanging it on YouTube is not enough to attract the target audience.Retaking the concept of strategy, watch your video title and description.Insert them into your web through social profiles of your company. All action is little to get the most relevance.

You see, the way of fame is not easy on YouTube. Therefore, consider the suitability of betting on this medium, and strategy.

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