Why does marketing at Pinterest make sense for businesses?

Pinterest was the last to arrive, but soon he has positioned himself among the first. Since May 2011 began to take its first steps, little time has needed to be launched to the race, to such an extent that last year already rose to the podium of honor, becoming the third most popular social network in the States United. A success that also translates into economic figures, specifically the company is valued at 2.5 billion dollars.

Why does marketing at Pinterest make sense for businessesWhat is it that makes it so special?

Its great visual attractiveness has made it position itself as a place of forced presence for the world of fashion, design or photography. This is a great attraction for clothing stores, gifts, jewelry and everything related to styling.

Its Ease of use. It is not necessary to be an expert on social networks, nor to show a special ability with the pen to develop an attractive profile in Pinterest or to develop as a user. Customers simply have to select those images or publications they like best and “pin” them by clicking on them. In this way they become part of their “own collection”, which can serve as an inspirational source of ideas, as a reminder of the products they intend to acquire or to recommend in their contacts.

But how can companies include Pinterest within their Social Media strategy?

Adapting the strategy to the target audience

Women are the predominant public in the network of planks. Specifically, 80% of its registered members are women, half of them with children. The average time of stay in this social network is 98 minutes per month. In the United States, its users spend 77 minutes a month pinning both visual content (photos, computer graphics, videos) and links of interest.

Participation and active listening

It is important that companies are active in this social network, and stay alert to interactions. 43% of its users use Pinterest to connect with their favorite brands. Become a follower of yours and share your content, so you will attract your attention, you will feel important and you will be among your favorites. 55% of users confess to pinea content of their brands.

Providing quality content

The social network of the planks also favors the conversion. Pins that include the price of the product generate up to 36% more responses. In addition, these types of publications have a preferential place within the social network: the section “Gifts”, which allows users to search for ideas to buy, classified according to a range of prices. In addition, Pinterest members who visit the brand website spend up to 70% more than those coming from other channels.

Encouraging Engagement

It is important to foster engagement with our followers at Pinterest, encouraging them to make their comments and interacting on their own pins. All this without forgetting also to promote our activity also from the other social channels and our own website.