What poker look and google adwords? Lessons SEM

Although first hard to believe, there are times when certain facets or self skills can be useful in areas that have no relationship apriori.

Today I will try to do the same with poker and google adwords…

What poker look and google adwords Lessons SEMSimilarities between poker and google adwords

If we go a little deeper into the subject we found the following scenarios that are really the connection points between these two worlds:

  1. Different budgets available: When you walk into a poker game and when you design a new campaign in google adwords, you have a certain budget and other “players” are most with different figures. Some go with unless you and others more. This creates unequal situations in both cases.
  2. Different knowledge: The poker and google are two universes with a process of learning not very fast. flight hours is required, therefore situations that match on the same stage people with learning and other accumulated much less drawn.
  3. Different profiles: there are people who are more conservative and others that “they will risk”. Both Google adwords poker as there are “bid” so we have another similarity.
  4. “Different letters” in poker is well understood but google adwords have different cards when:

– The “quality score” campaign may be different.

– The history of the company Google also influences.

Lessons learned sem poker

Finally, all this we can learn the following:

  • If you’re on a budget “wait your move”: if you’re managing a small account you should not bid for all keywords. You should go find the options that apriori best result you would get as there is little margin for error.
  • Analyzes well if there is historical: if your company or you’re managing the campaign has previous campaigns have there a ‘mine “data to find out which keywords work best and the elements that are hampering the potential success of the campaign.
  • Optimizes your chances: when you go out with your google adwords campaign there are some issues that you can always keep in mind to improve your results:

– Meeting with a commercial offer that attracts attention.

– Treat the landing page is as relevant as possible.

– Having a form of contact visible and accessible.

  • If you’re new, slowly and cautiously: a way of being cautious in google adwords is to opt at first for exact matches of keywords to get everything segmented and prevent ads that appear out of control.

As you can see these two worlds are closer than it seems and serve you some skills to succeed in both the poker and google adwords: caution, be analytical with the environment and play my best, “your cards”.

Can you think of any advice more closely related to poker?