To generate greater engagement, the first step is always to know how to listen

Users are on social networks, a medium that has become their natural habitat, where they come to talk about their interests, share opinions and overturn their emotions. At times, brands are the center of these performances, and not always for the good. Despite that, Social Media also play an important social role, a place that clients use to make themselves heard.

To generate greater engagement, the first step is always to know how to listenThis is but a great opportunity for the brands, who have the possibility to connect from you to you with your customers, show you their interest and gain their trust. But how do you have to do it? it’s hard? Steven Van Belleghem, one of the experts and opinion leaders on social networks and digital marketing in Europe offers us some keys.

The first step is always to listen and to listen. If customers bother to contact you, it is because they really need it, and they trust that they will get a response. Therefore, you have to pay attention and attend your requests. But it is not just about listening, but about listening. Knowing how to listen involves many different aspects that we must know how to manage with the objective of optimizing positive results through our actions, and behaviors to achieve this, generating greater trust, interest or attention. That is why when defining a Social Media strategy, active listening is considered as the most reliable source of information.

Let her see that you are worried about her problem. This will give you to understand that you are interested in their situation, give you an opportunity to be talked about and it will also help you to save time in preparing your response. Even getting more details about the problem will lead you to understand him better, and iron the matter. What at first seemed like a great mountain, once you go into details, you can stay in a simple grain of sand.

It shows an open attitude, ready to help. Keep in mind one thing “a problem is an opportunity to improve”. If you digress, get defensive and take criticism as an offense, you will only complicate the situation. On the other hand, if you assume that you are not perfect and that you can also make mistakes, everything will be easier, you can assume the situation without problems and provide a solution valid for both parties. In addition, it is even grateful that your customers help you discover what you are doing wrong, this way you can solve it and improve your competitiveness.

To be honest. If the customer is right, give him the reason and admits that you have been wrong, this way you can at least calm the spirits. It is not possible to satisfy everyone, but to show that you work to improve and that you care about your customers. This kind of interactions do not have to be developed in the public domain, but depending on the subject, you can refer them to a private environment, sending the client to continue via mail or telephone.

Act as a person. A great advantage in the case of small companies is that they allow the possibility of acting in the first person, interacting on an equal basis with customers. In this way it is easier to empathize with them and develop a fluid conversation, in a climate of trust, where it will always be easier to deal with a problem or face a complicated situation.

Commit yourself to solve the problem. It is not only a matter of dialogue, it is also necessary to take action. So, show the client what you are going to do to ease their situation and put it into practice. A posterior, you should contact him again to know his degree of satisfaction; Can be a unique opportunity to become loyal to him and become a brand ambassador.