Tips and guidelines for creating effective your advertising campaign on Facebook

Facebook has launched a new update that organic media, which is not payment has been reduced considerably, to give you an idea, in fanpage, with the same publications , displays have been reduced between 60-70% depending on the week and the contents.

This leads to two quick conclusions:

1- If you want to spread it among your fans will need much more effort and creativity.

2- If you’re still relying on this network, you will see almost forced to create your campaigns “Facebook ads”.

Tips and guidelines for creating effective your advertising campaign on FacebookTips to create your effective campaign on Facebook

If you have opted for the second option, the advertising campaigns, will work well Mr. Zuckerberg after disbursement of 19,000 million for Whatsapp.

I propose the following tips:

1- If this is your first season here I leave a small tutorial video so you can see it is a fairly simple process:

2- Define your audience very well: one of the advantages of Facebook is that it allows some very interesting segmentations such as age, city or general interests of the user. In your hands is the use of effective way to reach the audience you need your brand or company.

3- Use Power Editor: This tool will allow Facebook to create a large number of ads more easily, manage and edit them. You can also enter more advanced features and create “custom audiences” to further segment who you want to show your ads. You have more information here.

4- Using techniques retargeting on Facebook: for the uninitiated in this techniques can visit an article of mine where I explain in more detail. For this type of functionality you can use a tool that works well is Perfect audience.

5- Do a test A / B with the two main formats: facebook ads you have two ways (mainly) to make announcements as you chase the target. I recommend you try both to see which get more engagement (degree of user loyalty). A test promoting your “funpage” to increase “likes” and other publicizing a post with content related to your product or service.

CTA button 6- Create: facebook recently has been made available to incorporate the functionality of a button “call to action” which can increase the ratio of clicks to your ad.

7- Remember the% text-image that imposes Facebook: one of the advertising rules that place to launch your ad is the text within the image does not take up more than 20%.

Do you consider effective advertising on Facebook?