Social networks and mobile are understood to perfection

With over 20 years experience in business information technology and telecommunications, today, Hernan Rodriguez, spends most of his time to Aecomo where he performs mainly work and technology consulting deal. Collaborates with SMEs in the development of new mobile products and services and to large companies and mobile operators defining and analyzing trends, new technologies and development opportunities and new business models in the areas of mobile marketing, banking / mobile payments, messaging mobile, mobile social networking and mobile internet. In addition, he is Director of the Master in Mobile business in U-tad.

We talked with to address alguasa of the most important keys to the new scenario of mobility and mobile technologies as an essential and integrated part marketing strategies.

Social networks and mobile are understood to perfectionWhat are the key factors that have led to an acceleration in the implementation of mobility strategies for companies?

There are two fundamental keys behind this acceleration: the penetration of smartphones and the degree of mobile internet access through these devices. Regarding the first point, we are talking of a market penetration of more than 65%, one of the highest in Europe. It also grows unstoppably sales of smartphones, which already exceed from the second quarter of this year sales of traditional phones. In our country more than 80% of sales are smartphones.

With respect to the degree of use and Internet access from mobile devices, it is clear that by associating a data account every smartphone sold by operators, would be achieved over time dramatically increase its use.Because the tariff prices, this growth has not been as fast as it had expected, but finally, thanks to the new flat rates, its use by users has spread. At present more than half of smartphone users access the Internet from mobile at least once a week. In this sense, the trend is clear and throughout next year there will be more users accessing the Internet from a mobile device from a computer.

This situation is a clear indicator that business customers of any size and sector are mobile and that’s where you have to contact them through the different channels offered by the mobile: voice, messaging, web mobile or mobile applications, to name the most prominent.

What are the current trends in the Mobile Marketing?

One of the biggest advantages of mobile marketing is the ease with which it can be integrated with other media such as television, print media, digital signage, etc. This integration significantly increases the degree of effectiveness of campaigns can reach in a specific way (depending on the channel) and with an almost personalized message through the hypersegmentation offering mobile.

In my opinion, the trend is that companies begin to exploit the enormous potential of mobile marketing, integrating it into their marketing mix and leveraging their unique characteristics to reach consumers of differential and effectively.

Is it necessary for all companies to integrate mobile marketing into your business strategy? And SMEs?

Mobile marketing can be integrated into the marketing mix of companies of any size and sector. is clearly not necessary or required to do so, however, those that do not integrate lose a competitive advantage difficult to recover from competitors who do use it.

How does the Mobile Marketing traditional companies?

Traditional companies need first to define and implement a comprehensive mobile strategy that integrates with their business processes and with all operating and functional areas of the company. This strategy will enable them to define how, depending on the sector in which they operate, their products and services or types of customers, a plan of action to take advantage of the most appropriate way, the various technologies and services available is created the mobile channel. Thus it allows to achieve the objectives set by the related areas such as sales, attract new customers, loyalty or branding companies.

What are the keys to carry out a good strategy Mobile Marketing?

The first key, and the most important in my opinion, is to know your customer perfectly and know exactly how to use mobile in their daily lives.This information will allow the company to define which channel, what technology and what kinds of content are best suited to reach the customer in the most effective way possible. Many companies are fully delivered to technology as a way to differentiate or offer an original and eye-catching message. However, this in no way guarantees the success of a campaign.

Once you know your client or audience, it is essential to design a campaign plan. A plan defining a clear and concise objective, clearly detail the target to which the campaign will address, set the duration and type of campaign, the media plan, the budget. Last but as important as knowing your client, it is to define a metric that help you track the campaign and clearly measure the results achieved.

How should one mobile strategy integrated with social networks?

Social networks and mobile understood perfectly, so much so that more than half of the users of the leading social networks, accessing them from a mobile device.

The mobile is the center of our digital life, and social networks are a very important part of this digital life. Therefore, the integration of social networks in the mobile presence of companies is essential and must integrate and complement the Social Media Plan with the objectives of mobile strategy defined by the company.

As Director of the Master in Mobile business U-tad, University Center for Technology and Digital Art, and good knowledge of the professional market that is generating this area, could highlight the positions they occupy in business professionals who specialize in the program you going?

Since 2007, the smartphone has radically changed our consumption of information, communication and entertainment. They have developed several million applications, tens of millions of adaptations of websites to mobile, thousands of marketing campaigns and advertising using mobile as a primary means of communication with customers and many other traditional and new markets that have been affected and transformed by this revolution. Now companies what they want is to put order in all this.Draw a clear and precise strategy to be defined as mobile in the most effective way possible to exploit the competitive advantages offered by the channel.

This task requires professionals with a very specific, rare and very hard to find in the market profile. Therefore, from U-tad, we have created the Master in Mobile business with the aim of training professionals with the knowledge, skills and experience to create, define and implement a mobile strategy in companies of any size and sector, as well as designing and marketing mobile products and services for home and business markets.

The positions more demands now and in the coming years will be: Chief Mobility Officer, VP of Mobility, Director of Mobility, Director of Mobile Apps, Mobile Manager or Mobile Strategist, among others.